What makes Ominaya unique ?


Ominaya’s State-of-the-art, Algorithm based Integrated Digital Security Platform based on Artificial Intelligence to address any security concerns for Enterprises using Legacy systems, Blockchain data and IOT devices


Ominaya’s Real-time and Automated Response Platform, is geared to protect your critical assets against a multitude of attacks from anyone using unconventional methods or means


Ominaya's Platform is Industry Agnostic and seamlessly value adds to existing investments, be it in infrastructure or technology

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Active Defense Platform

BIMBATM is an “Active Defense” Cyber Security Platform that reinforces your security posture using Deception Techniques supported by AI, ML, Big Data and RPA

Benefits of using BIMBATM Active Defense


  • Protects from Unknown (Attacker) and    Unknown (Attack methodology) Real-time visibility into attacks to address primary concerns of a CISO
  • A Balanced Approach to Protecting Assets with both Offensive and Defensive Strategies


  • Saving Time and Cost around False Positives
  • Reduce Dwell Time within the Perimeter
  • Delay, Deceive and Defeat the Attacker by BIMBATM Active Defense


  • Multiple levels of Deception based on AI and ML
  • Customized to Specific Domain, and helps detect “Insider Network Threats” and “Lateral Movements” by Attackers


A Fraud Prevention Solution

ZIMMATM is a "Patented" solution which prevents Frauds across Multiple Channels like Cards, UPI, Internet, Mobile Wallet, Virtual Cards to enhance the value proposition

Benefits of using ZIMMATM Fraud Prevention

Patented IP

  • Our Card Fraud Prevention Solution is patented and readily deployable
  • Card Fraud Prevention from all possible scenarios (by default)

Zero Impact

  • Zero negative impact on current security posture and a huge increment in your futuristic roadmaps
  • Provides additional missing controls to liable Stakeholders towards Real Fraud Prevention


  • Bundle “-as a Service” for Additional Revenue Generation
  • Practical to adopt and quick to integrate for Acceptability

Next Steps

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