About Us

What is OMINAYA all about?

  • Ominaya in the Sanskrit language, means the “Rising Sun” perceived as source of energy for all creation. When there is light there is no scope for darkness, hence the logo and color of the rising sun.
  • The fundamental philosophy at Ominaya is “We fit into our client’s shoes and just not wear our hats”, essentially driven the point that we think for our customers.
  • Ominaya is not only built with a strong DNA of values but a committed team of senior Data Scientists, Certified Security Professionals, AI Experts led by industry veterans.
  • Enterprises need a Consultative Partner and “Specialist” Organization, who wears their shoes, thinks like them, with them and for them.
  • Organizations need a subject matter expert in the field of Cybersecurity who envisions and enables end to end solutions.
  • With an objective of making the Rubber meet the Road, Ominaya was born.

Ominaya's mission is to be a "Preferred Partner of Choice" for our customers and a "Single Stop Shop" for Cybersecurity Solutions

What we Offer ?

  • Ominaya offers the whole 9 yards of Services and Solution Stacks in Cybersecurity
  • Digital Security aided by Engineering, Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Customized Solutions using BIMBATM
  • A Proactive Defense Platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ready to Eliminate the threats in your organization ?