BIMBA™- Deception Platform

  • Cybersecurity has become the biggest risk and challenge for organisations across the globe and across domains.
  • The variables on the plate are exponentially growing at a rapid pace in the digital battlefield.
  • Multitudes of devices exude tons of data every single moment, and with each device being connected across so many networks and with the explosion of IOT or Blockchain, the perimeters of “SECURING ASSETS” with so many dynamic vectors, poses a greater challenge.
  • The perimeter of the organization is dying a fast death and is of the past.
  • Even with perimeter security data/network security or endpoint security solutions that exist as of now, alerts are generated in loads, but the most critical alerts are missed or camouflaged among many.
  • The risk still remains more unprecedented and grows unabated.

Are you equipped to detect a cyber attack before it's too late ?

Security breaches between January 1, 2005 and April 18, 2018 worldwide
Million US Dollars is the average cost of a malware attack on a company
1 %
Of companies have over 1,000 sensitive files including credit card numbers left unprotected

Active Defense

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple Deployment Models
  • Built-in Interfaces
  • Integration Support and Risk Decoys

How is it Built?

  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Engineered by Experts, Data scientists using AI,ML, RPA and Big Data

How is it Offered?

  • Simple Licensing Terms for Cloud, On-Premises and Hybrid Mode
  • Domain Specific Customizations to address Risks and Threat Vectors based on Priority and Gravity
  • Assessment and Recommendations
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Execution and Expert Support to the Last Mile
  • Deployment Mode could be offered as a Module or as a Bundle

How BIMBATM helps ?

  • BIMBATM Technology gives the organization a silver edge
    1. Lays an ubiquitous mine-trap with mirror matching decoys that should never be accessed by anyone legitimately, as in, if someone does access these assets, then you know you have an intruder
    2. Decoys are designed not only to catch Threat Activity, but also Analyze the Attack, Nature, Pattern, Movement, and Identity of the Means and Methods of the Attacks/Attackers
  • BIMBATM reduces the Dwell time and Mean time to Detection and Remediation
  • BIMBATM gives an “Accelerated Incident Response” system while eliminating False Positives
  • BIMBATM pushes for Proactive Engagement and derives Actionable Intelligence, that include Indicators of Compromise and Tactics/Techniques
  • BIMBATM Techniques give an edge to organizations that Detect Early Reconnaissance, Credential Theft, and Lateral Movement
  • BIMBA TM Techniques raises the bar of complexity to an adversary with every passing moment/movement
  • BIMBA TM methods have thus helped the organizations mitigate Risks and alleviate Threat Vectors
  • Active Defense measures like Deception are proactively pushed by Regulatory Bodies


Cloud Support

Cloud, Appliance and Hybrid Environment Support


Low-interaction and High-interaction Decoys

Protect your Assets

Protect your Lures, Breadcrumbs and HoneyTokens

Threat Intelligence

AI and ML based Active Deception for Reconnaissance, Stolen Credentials, Phishing and Ransomware

Built-In Functionalities

Built-in Orchestration, Dashboard Reporting, Management Interface and Built-in SIEM Functions


Scalable Architecture based for your Dynamic Needs, Growth Vectors and Roadmap

Inter-Operability and Support

Inter-Operability and Support for existing SIEM and Tracking Systems

Report Generation

Advanced Automatic Event Reporting Mechanisms

Accelerated Response

Unique Asynchronous Detection Capability


Simple Single Licensing Model

Assessment & Recommendation

Hassle-Free Maintenance including Upgrade Terms

Expert Support

Domain, Size, Location, Risk-based Customization


Ease of Deployment


Monitoring, Reporting, Dashboard and Management

Next Steps

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