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Cyber security solution expectations as corporate ?

Addresses my unknown (attacker) and unknown (methodology) security concern ?

Save my time and cost, and of-coerce help me to protect my reputation ?

In-line with advanced technology trend and needs ?

Is state-of-the art solution or just re-using open-source concepts ?

Look problem from my view, or just another enforced system ?

Improve and add value to my existing security posture ?

Deception Solution

Deception Solution is the flag-ship deception solution to address cyber security needs as add-on.

Deception Solution – Salient Features

  • Cloud, appliance and hybrid environment support
  • Low-interaction deception
  • High-interaction deception
  • Theoretical and practical usage of tokens, decoys, assets
  • AI and ML based and dynamic, Active and adaptive deception
  • Built-in orchestration (no additional cost to own)
  • Built-in management interface (no additional cost to own)
  • Built-in SIEM functions
  • Integration support to existing SIEM (without additional cost to own)
  • Advanced automatic event reporting mechanisms
  • Unique asynchronous detection capability
  • Scalable architecture based for your growth roadmap
  • Integration support to tracking system (without additional cost to own)
  • Advanced lures and breadcrumbs

Deception Solution built on

State-of-the-art technologies

Low foot print

Efficient usage of resources

Engineered by experts – Cyber Security, Software, network, operations, risk, AI, ML

Zero side-effect

Deception Solution Offers

Simple single licensing terms

Assessment & recommendation

Hassle free maintenance including upgrade terms

Expert support

Domain, industry vertical, size, location, risk based customization