Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This document provides Ominaya Technologies Private Limited (Ominaya) privacy document and details how Ominaya collects, uses and protects information that you provide on website.

What information is collected?

Information provided by you when you enquire, clarify, contact us, placing an order, share information on our request on the website. As part of this, you may be asked to provide your name, phone number, email identity, communication address and text of the communication purpose. This information required to be shared optionally but not mandatory to share, unless you decide to share. You may browse the web site without sharing these details.

We never ask your password credentials, gender, religion, financial details, pictures, videos, copyrighted information, patented work products, intellectual properties of yourself or someone else, bank details, card details, confidential information. You are not supposed to be and should not be sharing these details. Knowingly or unknowingly if you share these details, we are not responsible or liable for collecting or holding or use of this confidential information.

You are not supposed to be or should not be sharing contact details of others for any reasons. We standby the data privacy regulations set forward by the concerned authorities.

How the information is collected?

Information will be collected through contact web form in plain text format. And will use this information to understand, interpret and contact you based on your information. We do not use web cookies to collect information indirectly.

How information is used?

Information collected from you may be used for

– communicate with you to respond, clarify or information sharing for your required purpose after validating the information

– to improve content or representation of the public information from the website, social media communications, email communications

– Personal identifiable information is not used to share with other company, not be sold, traded, exchanged, for any reason

– non-personal identifiable information or statistically derived information can be shared with others for marketing, advertisement, analysis, decision making or other uses

Our website may include or bundle third-party website links, services, and products. These third party websites will be governed by their own set of privacy laws. We do not take responsibility or liability on the 3rd party website, links, services or products.

How this policy applicable?

This privacy policy is applicable only to website access and associated collection of information through our website.

How changes affect the privacy policy?

Ominaya holds all rights to update, change and revise privacy policy. Time to time updated policy will be shared on the website. You should ensure reading the policy and understand the policy whenever accessing the website.

How to get clarification on privacy policy?

For any clarification suggest to contact us, as per the latest contact information shared on the website. Ominaya holds all rights to clarify or not to clarify based on the nature of your query.