o-ZIMMA™ Fraud Prevention

Fraud is an Exponentially Growing Risk

”Zimma” means Responsibility;  O-Zimma means “Our Responsibility” from the standpoint of a card user. With that as a powerful premise, our solution allows the user to take full control and responsibility of every single transaction, besides empowering the user with financial planning and purchase.

Our Patented solution prevents Frauds across Multiple Channels like Cards, UPI, Internet, Mobile Wallet and Virtual Cards to enhance the value.

Fraud Cases
Of the Banking Fraud Cases are related to cards in India
1 +M USD
Attributed to Card Frauds in the last 2 years in India
Card Fraud Cases
Reported between Jan'15 to Dec'17 with trend increasing YoY

Missing Links Leading to Fraud

Value and Value Store

  • Card, is it a Value or a Value Store? Ambiguous definition !!
  • Identification, Authentication, Authorization is delegated, but not a Liability

Fraud Intrepretation

  • Attempt, Access, Authorization with respect to time are coupled together
  • Timing is critical – ‘In-time’ or Post Fraud action is insignificant

Financial Planning

  • Limited Evaluation of associated risks by the Consumer
  • Limited Planning & Precaution around Card Transactions

Liable Stake Holders

  • ‘N’ number of Stake Holders, largely unaffected during Fraud
  • Liability mostly applied to Customer and Issuer Bank

Bridging the Lacuna


Ominaya’s own Patented Fraud Prevention Solution that not only empowers the Banks on their Digital Security Roadmap/Transformation, but also gives the power in the hands of the Consumer
in exercising control and aiding Financial Planning.
Zimma manages Fraud by a delicate balancing act between Fraud Detection and the Customer’s Digital Experience

o-ZimmaTM Ecosystem

o-ZimmaTM is applicable to


Card Switches

Payment Gateway / Aggregators

Mobile Wallet Providers

Card Providers

Why o-ZimmaTM ?

Patented IP Bundled Solution

Our Card Fraud Prevention Solution is patented and readily deployable

Preventive Additional Control

Provides additional missing controls to liable Stakeholders towards Real Fraud Prevention


Our solution is based on advanced technologies

Seamless Support

Offered via Appliance, On-Cloud, Open-API Interface with mobile SDK, API, Web Integration

Compliance Adherence

ZERO Impact on Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Applicable User Cases Support

Both Real time On-Us and Non-real time Off-Us transactions


In addition to quality solution delivery, Maintenance and Support ensured for worry free adoption


Secured Architecture and Technology based with Zero negative impact on existing security posture for your organization

Card Fraud Prevention Scenarios

  • Card Compromised; Skimmed
  • Card, PIN, CVV details Compromised
  • Card present case–ATM and POS
  • Card not-present case–Online
  • Attempt to Brute Force Internet Channel
  • Magstripe, CHIP, RFID Card Transactions
  • Social Engineering for Card Number/PIN
  • Bank Data Breach with Card details
  • Multi-Channel Compromise! (Card +Mobile)
  • 3D Authentication Mandate or Non-Mandate mixed cases

o-ZIMMATM Advantage to your Organization


Card Fraud Prevention from all possible scenarios (by default)

Additional Revenue

Bundle as a Service for additional Revenue Generation


Enhanced Brand Value and Customer Confidence

Saving card fraud Risk Budget

Manage Fraud Risk in various real life scenarios

NO side effects

ZERO impact on Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Additional accurate BI

Built-in BI and Knowledge Base for accurate and focussed campaigning

Competitive Edge

USP advantage over competition in challenging market

Quick to Rollout

Practical to adopt and quick to integrate for acceptability

Acceptability Assessment Matrix

Is such mechanism already used by Bank?
Patented IP
Practical to adopt?
Already using similar interfaces for
being used by liable stake
holders i.e bank and customer
Additional devices, systems, software,
 technology and its overhead to bank?
Exisiting Interface, mechanisms
Cost, Revenue or Savings? Advantage?
Additional cost for process changes,
 justifiable in comparison to risk budget.
 Additional revenue possibility and
 Risk budget saving
Additional Risk?
Existing controls not altered, instead 
additional controls are provided
Any known limitations?
All listed use cases validity at 
specification level itself
How much time to adopt?
Immediate Possibility and Phased 
bundling also possible for additional 
Fraud Prevention only or Additional Service
also possible?
USP, Additional Services and New 
B2C Business Models can also be
Adhere to regulatory standards?
No changes to existing procedures

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